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Aura Cleansing and Grounding with Reiki

You can use the process described below on yourself whenever you would like to refresh and ground your energy, e.g. before and after giving a Reiki treatment, when coming home from work, after a challenging encounter with someone, before meditating etc.  You can also do this process with a client.

The Technique

Stand firmly on the ground with your feet shoulder width apart.  Take a few deep breaths and imagine that as you inhale, you draw Reiki into your body through the top of your head and all the way down into your belly.  As you exhale, imagine the Reiki spreading throughout your body and overflowing from your hands.

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Now move your hands in brushing strokes through the space around the body, at about one to four inches away from the skin.  Begin to brush around the head, then down the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, trunk and legs down to the feet.  Brush both around the front and the back of your body for two or three minutes. 

Now stretch your arms out to the sides and imagine that a beam of light flows out from your right hand (from your left hand if you write with your left) and travels with light speed all around the world to come back into your left (right) hand. 

Join both ends in your heart and imagine that the beam of light now travels from your heart, down the spine and legs, into the ground like roots and all the way into the heart of Mother Earth.  Crouch down and touch the ground with your hands.  Feel the gravity and the grounding connection with the Earth as you come back up.

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Ki Breathing

Having cleansed, grounded and connected your energy in the way described above, you can now add a few minutes of conscious breathing with the purpose of drawing more Ki into your system. 

As you inhale slowly and comfortably, draw Ki from the Earth below via your belly up into your heart.  As you exhale slowly and comfortably, allow the Ki to spread throughout your body.  Repeat five to eight times.

Next, inhale slowly and comfortably and draw Ki from the Heaven above via your Third Eye down into your heart.  As you exhale slowly and comfortably, allow the Ki to spread throughout your body.  Repeat five to eight times.

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Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman 

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