Benefits of Distance Healing

Distance healing means doing Reiki for someone who is not physically present and happens on the mental body level. This is basically a process that uses visualisation in a meditative state, which may include sight, touch, sound, and fragrance.

The ethic for Reiki is that the Reiki healer must have permission before sending distance healing; if the recipient cannot give explicit consent, the healer can always ask him/her on the astral plane.

If the healer is not sure about the answer, healing can be sent with the clear intent that if the person refuses the energy, it can go instead to the Earth. This is because people and animals have the right to hold onto their dis-ease if they choose to do so.

Distance healing begins with a representation of the person to be healed, this can be done by creating an image in your mind using visualisation or using a photograph or any object (like a doll or a pillow). Meditation for distance healing does not mean a deep trance, only a light state of concentration.

The Reiki II symbol (HSZSN) is used to send distance healing but also have more uses, like sending healing to the past or to the future, manifestation, working with the root cause of a problem. When doing manifestation work, we can use positive affirmations.

Occasionally earthbound spirits trapped on the astral plane can enter people’s or animal energy fields and bodies and manifest as diseases. These spirits are called spirit attachments and the process for releasing them is called spirit release and it is a form of distance healing for both the spirit and the person affected by its presence.

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Distance healing is also employed when using Reiki for healing the Earth. We can visualise the Earth from outer space and send Reiki energy and symbols. Working with Earth’s energy and healing is the next step from self-healing.

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Giancarlo has over ten years of experience in practising and teaching Healing Arts. He is a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui/Tibetan, Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® systems of healing and works as a Consultant Spiritual Healer at the College of Psychic Studies in London.