Chakras Wheels Of Life
Chakras: What Are They?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex .

The chakras are an integral part of the body’s energy system and they are transformers of subtle energy . They take the Ki that is around us and transform it into the various frequencies our subtle energy system needs to keep us healthy.

It is generally agreed that there are seven major chakras in the human body and there are also more than twenty minor chakras .

The seven major chakras are (English and Sanskrit names):

1. Root Chakra, Mūlādhāra chakra.

2. Sacral Chakra, Svādhiṣṭhāna chakra.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra, Maṇipūra chakra.

4. Heart Chakra, Anāhata chakra.

5. Throat Chakra, Viśuddha chakra.

6. Brow or Third Eye Chakra, Ājñā chakra.

7. Crown Chakra, Sahasrāra chakra.

Where Are The 7 Main Chakras Located?

Chakras are closely linked to specific areas and parts of the body and to systems within the body.

The locations of the seven major chakras correspond to the locations of the main glands of the endocrine system, which are responsible for regulating mood, growth, tissue function and metabolism and is pivotal to physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Root chakra (1st) — Reproductive glands (testes in men; ovaries in women); controls sexual development and secretes sex hormones.

Sacral chakra (2nd) — Adrenal glands; regulates the immune system and metabolism.

Solar Plexus chakra (3rd) — Pancreas; regulates metabolism.

Heart chakra (4th) — Thymus gland; regulates the immune system.

Throat chakra (5th) — Thyroid gland; regulates body temperature and metabolism.

Third Eye chakra (6th) — Pituitary gland; produces hormones and governs the function of the previous five glands; sometimes, the pineal gland is linked to the third eye chakra as well as to the crown chakra.

Crown chakra (7th) — Pineal gland; regulates biological cycles, including sleep.

Where Are The 7 Main Chakras Located?

Each of the chakras is attached to the central energy channel in the spine, which is called the sushumna, and is also connected to the idaand the pingala, which are the yin and the yang energy channels which crisscross along the sushumna. The points where they cross are the locations of the seven major chakras.

Many Asian countries and Eastern religions include a concept that a primal energy is inherent in all living things and that this energy is responsible for the well-being of all living things and is vital to health.

In China, this is called Chi, in India Prana and in Japan Ki. There are other names or concepts which might be also familiar: Life Force, Light, Spirit, Source Energy, God Consciousness or the God Head and the Holy Spirit.

The chakras act like transformers and are responsible for drawing in and distributing subtle energy from the Universal supply of ki, as well as acting as exit points for unwanted energy.

Sushumna, Ida and Pingala
Chakras And Our Energetic and Psychic Well-Being

Chakras store the energy of thoughts, feelings, memories, experiences, and actions.

They influence and direct our present and future mindset, behaviour, emotional health, and actions.

Our energy system governs our energetic and psychic well-being.

This system includes:

– Our foundation and survival instincts.

– Our vitality and emotional sensations.

– Our will and personal sovereignty.

– Our ability to give and receive love.

– Our creative expression.

– Our psychic awareness and personal vision.

– Our capacity to connect with our Creator.

“Our energy system is the matrix that channels our spirit into our body and allows us to express ourselves freely on the physical plane”

Sonia Choquette

The life force in each chakra can be processed, transmuted and released so that we consciously manifest what we want to call in, rather than experience more of the same.

Prana informs us, and influences our actions and behaviours, determining our health, career opportunities, relationships, and more. The subtle body depicts how our inner reality creates our outer reality.

Most illness develop from an energy loss below your waist, even a heart disorder

Caroline Myss
Chakras Balanced/Unbalanced

When chakras are balanced:

– We feel grounded.

– We feel emotionally safe

– We feel mentally in charge .

– We are receptive to love and loving.

– We are effective and creative in all forms of our expression.

– We feel inspired and imaginative.

– We are intimately connected and to and guided by the Universe.

When chakras are unbalanced:

– We feel insecure or threatened in the world.

– We fall out of communication with our emotions and fail to interpret their messages correctly.

– We operate out of fear.

– We have a reduced capacity to give and receive love.

– We start doubting ourselves.

– We lose touch with our integrity.

– We lose our capacity to see the truth in ourselves and in the world.

– We could feel disconnected from our source or God.

Different Ways To Balance Your Chakras

Chakra healing is the intentional practice of connecting with our stored energy, so we may understand how our past is influencing the present and the future.

Blocked or unbalanced chakras can be energetically rebalanced by practising some of the following approaches:

– Adopting a daily practice.

– Looking into all areas of your life.

– Practicing visualisation techniques.

– Sound baths and sound healing.

– Using colours: meditations, clothing, lights, environments, etc.

– Using crystals: carrying them, crystal healing, keep when in your house etc.

Reiki and other healing approaches.

– Physical exercise

– Yoga

– Essential oils

– Food and diet

– Mindfulness

– Working with Earth’s energies and nature

> Healing And Balancing Chakras With Reiki

Giancarlo has over ten years of experience in practising and teaching Healing Arts. He is a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui/Tibetan, Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® systems of healing and works as a Consultant Spiritual Healer at the College of Psychic Studies in London.