Living a Life of Reiki
How To Create A Blissful Life With Reiki

Reiki can be interpreted in many ways, depending on our state of consciousness. It can be seen as a technique, or a set of techniques. We can learn and practice a set of hand positions so that we can use Reiki on ourselves and on other people.

We can also see Reiki as a spiritual path, it is not a religion, it does not set any rigid rules or require that we follow rituals of some sort or sit down for hours focusing on our mind. Reiki, like any good and genuine spiritual practice, supports people in the exploration of their inner world, bringing to the surface limitations, skills, abilities, potential, beliefs and helping them to evolve on their personal and spiritual path.

Reiki does not require that we study, memorise or meditate for hours. We are only asked to make ourselves available as conduits for the energy and trust that Reiki will work for the greatest good of the person we are working with, or for our own greatest good. This means that we detach from the result, as Reiki is an intelligent and spiritual energy that knows exactly what we need. When we start ‘directing’ the energy with our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, our ego gets in the way and interferes with the process. Consequently, results are affected by our intervention.

Reiki is a lifestyle, a way of living. The more we open ourselves to the infinite power, the more it helps to go deeper into our inner world, releasing limitations and personal beliefs that slow us down or even block us in our lives.

So, where do I start and what are the steps to create a blissful life with Reiki? Here is a simple list:

1. Receive A Placement

In order to welcome Reiki into your life, you need to activate it in yourself by taking part in a process called Placement (in the Holy Fire® system of Reiki) or Attunement (in the traditional or western styles of Reiki). This is usually included in a level one course, that enables a person to receive and activate Reiki in his/her system after a one or a two-day course. After this basic course, you can use Reiki for life!

A Placement is an energetic process that lasts for about thirty minutes, during which you do not need to do much apart from relaxing while you keep your eyes closed. The Reiki Master takes you through a short-guided meditation, and then stops talking while the Holy Fire® energy activates Reiki in you.

Participants take part in the process as a group, but people have very subjective experiences: some people feel the energy flowing in their body while others have visual experiences. Many participants fall asleep and when they wake up, they feel very refreshed and at peace.

In the Holy Fire® system of Reiki, you can receive distant Placements wherever you are in the World, in the comfort of your own home.

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2. Start Practicing As Soon As You Can

As soon as you receive the Placement, you can start practicing Reiki on yourself and on other people. Practicing Reiki is extremely easy, you simply place your hands on your body or on somebody else’s, with the intention for the Reiki to flow, and it will flow easily and effortlessly. Like any art, it does require commitment, patience, and perseverance, but it will bring incredible gifts.

The more you will use it in your life, the more it will grow stronger. You will soon experience an increased level of self-esteem, you will be motivated to use it every day, throughout your days, and it will soon become a positive habit that will change your life for good.

3. Use Reiki Wherever You Are

Are you sitting down watching TV? Simply place your hands on your legs, or chest, or wherever you feel it is needed. Reiki will flow in that part of your body where your hands are placed, and it will also go where it is needed. You can also use it when you are travelling on the bus, train, airplane, when you are lying in bed and even when you are walking. One of my favourite things I do is to place my hand on my heart for five/ten minutes as soon as I wake up or before falling asleep, asking Reiki to bring balance and harmony in me.

4. Animals And Plants Love It Too

Reiki is not only beneficial to human beings, but it also benefits all living creatures. You can practice Reiki with your pets, they will thoroughly enjoy it and you will find that they will want it more and more. You can also give Reiki to your house plants, flowers and even energize your whole garden. You will notice that your flowers and plants will grow healthier and faster.

We live immersed in a wonderful field of energy and every time we use Reiki we interact and communicate with this field of energy, allowing higher vibrations to flow through us, bringing all that we need to find a state of equilibrium.

5. You Can Use Reiki On Food And Water

You can use Reiki in endless ways. You can even energize the food you eat, or the water you drink! Once energised, this beautiful energy will be exchanged between the food you eat and your body and it will be part of who you become. Our body is made of up 60% of water, so by energizing the water you drink you are really bringing this higher frequency in every cell of your body. I love giving Reiki to the meals I prepare, it is so easy and you can even send Reiki with your eyes while you are cooking!

6. Meditation

There are certain techniques that you can learn by taking part in a Reiki course, that are in fact a form of meditation. The Gassho meditation for example, is a Japanese meditation that was practiced by Mikao Usui twice a day for twenty minutes, once in the morning and then again in the evening. It is meditation that can bring a great sense of stillness and peace of mind. At Reiki Master level students learn the Holy Fire® meditation, that integrates the practice of Gassho meditation, with visualization and the Holy Fire® Master symbol. We also learn the Holy Fire® Moving Meditation, which integrates Reiki symbols with affirmations and Tai Chi movements.

7. Sending Distant Reiki

Energy does not follow the same rules of matter when it comes to space and time. For example: sending a message from New York to Sydney by letter (matter) is going to take some time, depending on the distance between source and destination. Sending the same message by email (energy) is going to take almost zero time, as energy is not directly dependent on the distance between source or destination.

Reiki is energy and therefore it can be sent distantly by the practitioner to the receiver, and it is independent of the distance between the two. It is very effective; in fact, it can be so powerful that both practitioner and receiver feel as if they were physically present in the same room.

Working this way can also allow attunements and placements to be practiced remotely, enabling students to learn Reiki wherever they are. People can also take part in the Holy Fire® Online Experiences.

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7. Reiki Is For Life

Once activated, you will be able to enjoy Reiki for life. Reiki never goes away, it will always be with you and you will be able to use it by just thinking about it, even if you have not used it for years.

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Giancarlo has over ten years of experience in practicing and teaching Healing Arts. He is a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui/Tibetan, Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® systems of healing and works as a Consultant Spiritual Healer at the College of Psychic Studies in London.