Support for Reiki Practitioners

Practicing and living Reiki involves the kinship of like-minded people that are excited to share the love of Reiki.
We are excited to provide a hub for community to meet, ask questions, and share ideas through weekly online Reiki Share events.
Furthermore, individual Reiki supervision is an additional opportunity available to Reiki practitioners that provides them all the support they need whilst building their professional Reiki practice, teaching Reiki and working with clients.
Reiki Supervision
Individual Reiki Supervision sessions are available to qualified Reiki practitioners.
Supervision is a proven way of ensuring that Reiki practitioners have all the support they need whilst working with clients.
It offers a calm spacious atmosphere in which to reflect upon sessions with clients, issues around the work, organisational factors, on-going learning and self-care.
The Reiki practitioner is part of an open, thoughtful, collaborative process of exploration, awareness and learning. It is supported in deepening the understanding of a client’s case, bringing more options for intervention and treatment.
Here is a list of some ways in which accredited healers may use supervision to help them:
– An opportunity to ask questions about client work, clarify points, notes keeping
– Learn about measurable symptoms and how it can help track progress with client work
– Discussing intuitive and energetic perceptions
– Ongoing personal and professional development and opportunities to grow and improve
– Review Reiki techniques and their effectiveness in client work
Supervision does not replace counselling, but it aims to provide Reiki practitioners with support and guidance which is specifically tailored to their needs at any given time.


1x Supervision session: £75


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    Online Reiki Share
    Every Tuesday at 3 PM UK
    This free event is open to all Reiki practitioners (all styles and lineages). 

    We usually meet every Tuesday at 3 PM to bring healing and meditate.

    Video and microphone are switched off.

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    What We Do
    Reiki is a Spiritual Path

    Holy Fire® Reiki has an unlimited potential of developing higher levels of consciousness within you because it works directly with your Spirit.  Those who have followed the path, have found it to develop qualities of peace, joy, love, compassion and the ability to forgive others and yourself.

    Allow Room In Your Life For Spiritual Growth

    Those who accept Reiki as their spiritual path, and are devoted to allowing it to heal them completely and surrender to its ability to do this, find that Reiki will guide them more quickly along the path of healing.

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