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Reiki Chakras Balancing
Healing And Balancing Chakras With Reiki

Chakra healing is the intentional practice of connecting with our stored energy, so we may understand how our past is influencing the present and the future.

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Reiki and Ho’oponopono
Reiki And Hoʻoponopono

Reiki when combined with any other healing modality works wonders. Reiki amplifies the power of forgiveness, love and gratitude.

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Cutting cords
Cleansing Relationships And Cutting Cords

Cords are the emotional energy that exists between two people in any relationship, whether it is a family relationship, a work relationship, a friendship or an intimate relationship.

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7 Different Types Of Negative Energies That Can Affect Us
7 Different Types Of Negative Energies That Can Affect US

What kind of negative energies can get stuck to our aura or body? What impact can they have on us? How do we know what is affecting us?

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Introduction to Usui/Holy Fire® III Online Reiki, I & II Class on 3, 4, 10, 11 June 2021

Free Online Event Wednesday 19 May 2021 6-7 PM UK Time Zoom If you are thinking of learning and practice Reiki and you would like to know more before making a commitment, this presentation offers you an opportunity to know more about the upcoming Usui/Holy Fire® III Online Reiki, I…

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Benefits of Distance Healing

Distance healing means doing Reiki for someone who is not physically present and happens on the mental body level. This is basically a process that uses visualisation in a meditative state, which may include sight, touch, sound and fragrance.

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Witness Platform
The Witness Platform

The Witness Platform makes use of imagery to take you to three different states of consciousness: the neutral, the limited and the unlimited.

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The Bridge Between The Body And Consciousness

The bridge between the body and consciousness is the breath. In all esoteric traditions, there is knowledge of the special meaning of the breath.

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What is the Meaning of This Chaos?

Remember, revelation seldom comes along the expected lines.

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The HEavens
The Heavens

The healed ego is a vehicle for the expression
of higher consciousness in the material world.

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