The HEavens
The Heavens

In Holy Fire® Reiki and Holy Fire® II Reiki, we became aware of the three heavens. (In our use of the word, “heaven” we are not referring to a religious system, but simply use this word to denote levels of consciousness.)

The first heaven is the material world in which most people have egos which are in need of healing; the second heaven is a non-material world in which the spirits that reside there also have unhealed egos. We also spoke of the third heaven and beyond. And it was in these realms that the problems of the unhealed ego are no longer present. While we knew there were more levels within or beyond this, we didn’t have a clear understanding of what was there. With Holy Fire® III, we have gained a more detailed awareness of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh heavens.

Fourth Heaven

The fourth heaven provides additional healing in preparation for entering the fifth heaven. This healing includes awareness of and trust in the idea that a higher way of living life is possible involving the release of unhealthy competitiveness, acceptance of higher guidance and the gift of wonderful new energies that heal and empower you.

Fifth Heaven

When revealed, the energy of the fifth heaven begins a continuing process of leading the dormant self in the direction of complete healing and allowing the Authentic Self to replace the Culturally-Created Self. This process takes place at a pace that varies with each person but can feel remarkably fast, yet smooth and stable.

In class, during an Ignition, often the Authentic Self can become visible to one’s inner awareness, and one may be invited to enter the Authentic Self. This occurrence causes the Culturally-Created Self to begin a releasing process which can be an extraordinary experience.

Even though with this process a person becomes connected to and works from the higher heavens, they are still very much present in their physical body. As the energy from the heavens enters the physical body, the health and well-being of the body increases, making it more comfortable to be in the body, enabling one to deal more successfully with life, helping solve any issues one might encounter and helping one make use of opportunities as they arise.

Sixth Heaven

On this level, the intellect begins a healing process. Rather than having an attitude that the ideas and knowledge one possesses makes one better than others, they begin being valued for how they can be used to improve the quality of one’s life and the lives of others including family members and society in general. In addition, a love of learning and of knowledge and its application to everyday life can develop.

Improvements in communication can also take place. This involves a more thoughtful choice of words making it more enjoyable for others to listen to what you have to say. Your words may also spontaneously begin to be combined with the Holy Fire® III energy making what you say feel soothing and even providing a noticeable level of healing for those you speak with. Writing can be affected in a similar way.

In addition, one may develop an interest in acquiring a greater depth of understanding in topics one has previously had an interest in and also develop interest in studying new subjects. This could expand into learning to play a musical instrument, taking singing or dancing lessons, beginning an exercise program, getting involved in a new hobby, learning to play new games, writing poetry or articles for a magazine or writing a book, learning a foreign language, taking a trip to a foreign country, taking college classes and so forth.

The Holy Fire® III system of healing increases
one’s quality of consciousness at the same time
it provides an extraordinary healing experience.

Seventh Heaven

This level deals with healing the ego. In many spiritual and metaphysical systems, it is taught that the ego is the enemy and that it must be negated or overcome, or even killed; or otherwise, one must rise above the ego if one is to proceed forward on one’s spiritual path. It is important to note that from our observation, what is being focused on here isn’t the ego, but the unhealed ego. And for some unknown reason, even though healing is often part of spiritual and metaphysical studies, little is said about the possibility of healing the ego. However, the guidance we have been given through Holy Fire® III is that while the unhealed ego can be an impediment to one’s spiritual development, the unhealed ego can be healed! And once healed, it is no longer an impediment, but is able to fulfill a very important purpose. The healed ego is a vehicle for the expression of higher consciousness in the material world!

This is a remarkable idea that we had not heard before, yet, based on the experiences of those who have taken Holy Fire® III classes, it is apparent that many receive this important gift. In addition, while it is rare, there is at least one other spiritual school that has this teaching as well. Google “healed ego” and you’ll see what I mean.

If our purpose is to bring spiritual values to the material world, then this can be more effectively done through a healed ego. Holy Fire® III contains the energy needed to heal the ego. This healing process happens at a pace that is right for each student and happens spontaneously without the student needing to do anything special except use Holy Fire® Reiki with themselves and others. As this happens, one begins to experience higher levels of consciousness becoming grounded in one’s physical body. One also begins to have a greater awareness of higher consciousness in the material world and in everyday life.

As the ego heals, one becomes less and less upset by those who are on “ego trips” and it becomes easy and natural to deal with them in a relaxed and healthy way. Often when a person is on an “ego trip,” it isn’t what they say that can be off putting, but how they say it. But as your ego heals, it is easy to hear the factual and often helpful part of the information they are communicating and then understand and make use of it in a healthy way. Doing this will also help the person on the “ego trip” to realign to a more all-inclusive state of mind. Overall, with Holy Fire® III, the material world comes to be experienced as a safer, healthier and more enjoyable place to be.

Searching for spirituality in a place that is disconnected from the material world can result in one becoming detached from one’s physical needs and responsibilities. This makes the process of healing our planet more difficult by encouraging an attitude of one not wanting to be here. Being able to connect with a spiritual energy that is able to express itself in the material world is a powerful solution; it encourages us to be fully present and empowers us to make a difference in world we live in.

The healed ego is a vehicle for the expression
of higher consciousness in the material world!

Excerpt from ‘What is Holy Fire® Reiki? – The International Center for Reiki Training

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Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman 

Giancarlo has over ten years of experience in practising and teaching Healing Arts. He is a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui/Tibetan, Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® systems of healing and works as a Consultant Spiritual Healer at the College of Psychic Studies in London.