The Way Of The Heart
The Way Of The Heart

The great secret is this is the state of your reality. In each and every moment, you abide in perfect communion with the whole of creation since all things are but temporary modifications of the one fundamental energy that I have chosen to call the Christ Mind, the offspring of the Father.

Beloved friends, I come to where you choose to be. And if you would choose to open that place within the heart and within the mind in which you can communicate with me directly, I will meet you there as well.

What is important then, by way of beginning, is to consider this simple fact: Your experience is always the effect of where you choose to focus the attention of your consciousness. Your Self is unlimited forever, embracing all the many dimensions of creation. You abide in that which embraces all things, in all ways, and at all times. In truth, you do not know separation, birth or death, gain or loss.

As you focus your attention on reading these words, recognize how you, as an infinite being, have deliberately chosen to participate in a form of experience. You will read words that carry certain meanings for each of you. And you each will color that meaning according to the perceptions that you have chosen to place value upon.

Does this mean that some are ahead and some behind? It only seems that way. In reality, each of you is equal. Each of you chooses from your infinite freedom to attract to yourself certain vibrational frequencies, certain forms or qualities of experience. That freedom is what you abide in always, from before the foundations of this world and long after this world ceases to be.

In each and every moment, you cannot be a victim of what you see, and nothing is outside of you. What you experience you have directly and deliberately called to yourself. If you hold the thought, “I do not like what I have called to myself,” that is perfectly fine. For you have called to yourself the experience of being in judgment of yourself. Merely look with the wonder of a child and see what it feels like and ask yourself, “Is this an energy I wish to continue in or would I choose something else?”

For ultimately, when all possible choices within the dream of separation have been made, have been tasted, have been felt and have been known, finally there emerges the still, quiet voice of Spirit that speaks through the soul, whispering of the one Truth, the one Reality, the one Love, the one peace and the one bliss that is continual.

Then the soul begins to turn from the things of this created world. It begins to withdraw its attention from its attachments to all of the things it has called to itself. It begins to transcend its sense of identification with the vibrational frequencies it had only meant to play with, and then took seriously. It is seriousness within the mind that is the creation of ego. And it is great seriousness that holds the vibrations of what you would no longer choose to experience within the field of your being, within the field of your soul.

As you as the soul—the individual divine spark—begin to choose to withdraw the attention and the value you have placed upon all things, as you learn to simplify the nature of your own consciousness, as you realize that you can surrender into something that seems beyond you and that you can entertain the insane thought of trusting the invisible, you come more and more to be less and less.

As you become less and less of what you thought you were, conversely, you become more and more of what your Father created you to be—the thought of perfect Love in form, a channel, simple vehicle through which the Love of Spirit can shine forth. Your only task becomes the cleaning of your windows, the polishing of your floors and the weeding of your garden so that that Light can pour forth unimpeded.

The Way Of Mastery – The transformational teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph, also known as Jesus

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman