Witness Platform
The Witness Platform

The Witness Platform is a tool that was developed by Kurt Leland (Clairvoyant and Teacher, Member of the Theosophical Society of Great Britain) that makes use of imagery to take you different states of consciousness.

This meditation is now part of the Holy Fire® Online Experience, where you will be guided to bring into awareness three different landscapes: the witness platform, the limited self and the unlimited self.

Each of these landscapes is symbolic and it will allow you to access a different state of consciousness.

– 1 – The Witness Platform

Your personal image for completely neutral state of consciousness, a state of consciousness where you are calm, quiet, there are no strong emotional reactions to anything.

The advantage of this is that anytime you need to go into that state of consciousness you can call on that image and the more often you do that, the more instantly you find yourself in that neutral place. This is very useful if you are involved in charged atmosphere of some kind.

The witness platform is a landscape in which you feel that you are supported, that’s the platform part, and you also have a fairly wide view. So it is somewhere above your normal way of operating.

Examples of good witness platforms would be:

– Those tall lifeguard chairs you see on the beach

– A TreeHouse

– A fire tower, or some other kind of tower, a castle tower for example

– A high mountain

– A cliff Each of these have a platform under it.

– 2 – The Limited Self

You are now guided to get an image for the limited self, and locate that to the left of the witness platform.

You could visualise a familiar place in the physical world the resembles the state, or you let one come through from your imagination.

It is not important to have it consistent with your wide view but realise that an image could suggest itself that could come from another landscape.

So be open to the idea that you may get three separate images.

The limited self is the place where you put everything you have ever been unhappy or displeased about in your present life from the very beginning. It’s the limited self because unless we actually clear that stuff out it becomes part of our world view.

This generally tends to be a heavy landscape, a dark landscape. Some people see a burned-out forest, a desert, a swamp, a dark forest, and all of these tend to be symbolic of how you experience life when things aren’t going well.

These ladnscapes are all representative of your life: if you are currently physically or emotionally exausted you may see a burned out forest, if you feel stuck in life you may see a swamp, or you may have an image of a desert if this is what you feel you are going through in your life.

– 3 – The Unlimited Self

The third landscape is the unlimited self. This landscape tends to be very vibrant, there is a lot of life, a lot of life, it is probably uplifting, bright colours – some people get an ocean, a jungle, space etc.


– The 1st phase of this practice is getting the imagery, so you will be asked to turn inward, look for an image representing each of these states of consciousness. You may want to make a note of what you are perceiving.

– In the 2nd phase we are going to expose ourselves to each of the landscapes in turn. In this phase you are only looking.

– Body relaxation

– Feelings

– Thoughts

– Take a deep breath inward

– Bring your attention to the centre of your head.

– In that space let an image emerge or choose an image of the witness platform, a completely neutral space that gives you a sense of a wide view and also a sense of being supported. Let this space represent for you a calm, quite refuge, a place to go to get above anything that it is going in your outer inner life.

– See yourself on the witness platform in that landscape

– Notice the feelings of sensations in the body when you are in your witness platform

– From your witness platform look after the left, let there be a landscape of some kind that represents your limited self.

– Imagine that you are reaching out the landscape and toughing it but you are not going into it

– Notice any feelings

– From your witness platform look after the right, let there be a landscape of some kind that represents your unlimited self.

– Imagine that you are reaching out the landscape and toughing it but you are not going into it

– Notice any feelings

– The 3rd phase involves going into the landscapes and exploring the symbology that come up.

Integration of the Witness Platform with the Holy Fire® Online Experience

The witness platform offers a great tool for bringing into awareness parts of the limited self that can then be healed by the Holy Fire® energy during the Experience. The participant simply need to relax while the energy takes over and does the healing work that needs to be done. It is a very personalised experience.

Insights may also come up and the participant may be guided to the next step in life.

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Giancarlo has over ten years of experience in practising and teaching Healing Arts. He is a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui/Tibetan, Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® systems of healing and works as a Consultant Spiritual Healer at the College of Psychic Studies in London.