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Week 3 -Nightingale’s 30 Day Challenge

This is our third week of empowering the Earl Nightingale’s 30 Day Test with Reiki.

This is what we have done so far:

1. Read Earl Nightingale’s Strangest Secret: The 30 Day Test. You don’t need to be a Reiki practitioner to do this exercise, however if you work with Reiki this article will provide you with additional tools to amplify its results.

2. Week 1 – The best way to start 2021

– Identify your goal and write it on a card. It may be more money, perhaps you would like to double your income, or make a specific amount of money, it may be a beautiful home, it may be a success at your job, it may be a particular position in life, it could be a more harmonious family. Write down on your card specifically what it is that you want. Make sure it’s a single goal and clearly defined.

– On the other side of the card write these words of the Sermon on the Mount: “Ask And It Shall Be Given You”, “Seek And Ye Shall Find”, “Knock And It Shall Be Opened Unto You”

– Draw Reiki symbols on the card

3. Week 2

– Visualise and empower your goal with the Distant Symbol (HSZSN).

Week 3


– If you should fail during your first 30 days (by that Earl Nightingale means suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by negative thoughts) simply start over again from that point and go 30 more days. Gradually, your new habit will form, until you find yourself one of that wonderful minority to whom virtually nothing is impossible.

Read the card each morning and just before going to bed at night. Carry the card with you so that you can look it several times a day. Every time you read the card, visualise your goal in your imagination as if you were living it. If for example, you want to earn £5,000 every month, see yourself looking at your bank account and finding £5,000. How would you feel? Emotionalise what you see. If your goal is to be healthy, see yourself being healthy, joyful and doing the things you always wanted to do. Remember, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is ‘real’ and that it isn’t.

– In Week 2 we have used the Distant Symbol HSZSN to send Reiki to the future, in order to empower your goal.

– In Week 3, we are going to use the distant symbol to heal and release any negative energy blocks associated with this goal.

If in the past you tried achieving a goal, for example, you wanted to lose weight, but you failed, the reason was probably because there were blocks in place that influenced the outcome. These blocks may be negative beliefs rooted in your subconscious mind, past life memories, sub personalities, soul fragments, archetypes (i.e. inner child), or even earth bound spirits. It is therefore useful to work with Reiki in order to heal the root cause before the goal can be manifested.

1. Draw different Reiki symbols over your card. You can ask Reiki to guide you in this, sending you the symbols that are in harmony with this exercise.

2. Call upon your Guides and Ascended Masters, so that they can guide and support you for your greatest good and the greatest good of everyone involved. Trust that everything is taken care of.

3. Draw the Distant Symbol over the card and ask that distant Reiki is sent to the root cause of any blocks that may be interfering with the manifestation of your goal. Send Reiki for as long as you feel guided to do.

4. At the end of this energy work, ask if it is complete or if you need to continue sending Reiki in the future sessions. If so, how many sessions? How much time? (1, 2, 3 or more hours?)

5. You can also use a Reiki Crystal Grid. You can use it to continuously send distant Reiki in the future in order to manifest your goal, and also send distant Reiki in your past to heal and release any negative blocks.

6. Make sure that you ground and thank for the help and support you receive.

At the end of the 30 Day Exercise we would be happy to learn about the results you have achieved, so please email info@holyfirereiki.eu.

Giancarlo has over ten years of experience in practising and teaching Healing Arts. He is a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui/Tibetan, Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® systems of healing and works as a Consultant Spiritual Healer at the College of Psychic Studies in London.