What is the Meaning of This Chaos?
Caroline Myss – What is the Meaning of This Chaos?

Remember, revelation seldom comes along the expected lines.

There will be a pouring in of light upon mankind which will alter his conditions of living, change his outlook upon world affairs, and inaugurate a new age which will be distinguished by an aptitude for group synthesis and cooperation, and by new mental powers, leading to a re-orientation of the mind so that it can function with equal facility in two directions.

It will be able to turn outward into the world of manifested forms, and inward into the world of synthesis, of unity and of spirit.

There will be a fresh attitude towards life which will evidence itself in a better sense of values, for life will have a meaning hitherto unknown, and we shall have an interpretation of that meaning which will enrich our daily experience.

Excerpt from Esoteric Psychology 1 by Alice A. Bailey


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